BEAUTY: How to wake up beautiful


Don’t we all wish we could wake up just like in the movies? Although that is going to be hard to acieve, i do have some tips for you that may save you some time in the morning.

#1: sleep on your back
By sleeping on your belly, you add a lot of pressure to your face which causes pimples & wrinkels. So sleep on your back.

#2: two pillows
If you want to prevent yourself from waking up with puffy looking eyes, sleep with 2 pillows. The elevation forces the fluid around the eyes to drain.

#3: satin pillow
Having trouble with frizzy hair? A satin pillow will do. And a satin pillow is better for your skin aswell.

#4: braid your hair
You know those little bumbs at your hairline? These come from the oils from your hair. By sleeping with your hair in a braid they will dissapear. Also sleeping with a braid prevents you from waking up with messy

#5: stick to your night routine
Your skin recovers at night so make sure you always take off your make-up, and add a nice moisturizer or night cream to your face, to wake up with a smoother skin.

#6: dry skin
Do you wake up with dry skin? This is because at night we aren’t well enough hydrated. This is why you should use a Humidifier, to keep you mosturized.

#7: sleep at least 8hours
There is a reason why they say ‘beauty sleep’. Having enough rest is the key to looking fit & healthy

I hope these tips helped you a bit, and stay tuned for a lot more to come!

Sophia, @searching_for_adventure,



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